Yahoo Messenger Retire After 18 Years

Yahoo Messenger Retire After 18 Years

Say goodbye to the old Yahoo Messenger. After 18 years, the application of this legendary instant message will be saying goodbye to retire.

Yahoo Messenger old will be officially shut down on August 5 will come. Those who take advantage of Yahoo Messenger is still the old version can no longer be able to connect to their conversation after that date.

“We provide interoperability between product long & Messenger new color. Against throughout the customer, we encourage them for completing the transition to Yahoo Messenger, because we would no longer support the old platform since it began August 5, 2016,” said Chief Architect Yahoo Amotz Maimon ,

Yahoo is now going to concentrate on seven main product, is Mail, Search, Tumblr, News, Sports, Finance & Lifestyles.

“In order to streamline and simplify product for the commune publisher, we stop Yahoo Recommends started since 1 September 2016,” Maimon added.

Th December to the first, Yahoo launches a new Messenger application for Android, IOS and websites. The advantages of this latest version include joint integrated Flickr, Tumblr and Xobni.

Being, the customer is able to noble-sized photo sharing and high resolution necessarily from Flickr and Xobni. Conversations on Yahoo Messenger also claimed to be more colorful and exciting, because the customer can connect animations in GIF format quickly from Tumblr.