Withings Unveils Watch Capable of Detecting Sleep Apnea

Withings Unveils Watch Capable of Detecting Sleep Apnea


     Withings has just announced a new connected watch. In addition to carrying an electrocardiogram, it will be able to detect sleep apnea.

     The French brand Withings has just unveiled a new watch connected to the CES in Las Vegas.

     Resolutely oriented towards connected health, the ScanWatch, that’s its name, takes over the electrocardiogram function of the Move ECG, and inaugurates a new function allowing the detection of sleep apnea.

Measuring blood oxygenation

     Under its Steel HR guise, the ScanWatch, therefore, detects atrial fibrillation and can measure blood oxygenation in order to detect possible sleep apnea, a condition that increases the risk of coronary heart disease and which is said to affect 1.5 million adults in France.

     Continuous heart rate measurement is provided by a PPG sensor. As soon as an abnormality is detected by the watch, a notification is displayed on the watch display along with vibration. 

     The user can then trigger the recording of an electrocardiogram (ECG) by means of two electrodes located on the back of the case and a third one integrated into the stainless steel ring. 


     The measurement lasts about 30 seconds and immediately displays the result on the watch display and in the dedicated application.

The measurement of the oxygen saturation level in the blood is provided by a SpO2 sensor which performs a continuous measurement during sleep. 

     Upon awakening, the user can view the complete report of the night in the Health Mate application and will find the number of apneic episodes, oxygen saturation, heart rate during sleep and the number of cardiac events.

In the process of being validated for CE standards
With an announced autonomy of one month, ScanWatch will not be available in Europe before the second quarter of 2020, Withings being awaiting EC validation of medical devices.

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It will be available in two colors (black or white), and in two dial sizes: a 38 mm model, offered at 250 euros, and a 42 mm model at 300 euros.