Windows 10 Preview makes phone calls to the PC!

In future, users will be able to pair their smartphone with the Windows PC and receive or make calls from there. The calls called feature is currently available in the preview and works with Android smartphones from version 7.0.

Microsoft has released Insider Build 18999 for its Windows 10 operating system. In it, testers can try the new calls function. Users can take calls from their smartphones directly from their Windows PC or even drop them off. The condition is a telephone with Android OS starting from version 7.0 and a PC with Bluetooth module. That’s because the phone is paired with the Windows system. Besides, Windows 10 should at least be updated to the build 19H1.

According to Microsoft, the call function can already take over a few things: Using the Your Phone application, users start calls by dialing a number or by synchronizing the contact list of the paired smartphone. Incoming calls can be accepted or rejected. For this purpose, users create their text messages as absence messages or forward directly to the answering machine of the smartphone.

The app also synchronizes your call history directly on the PC. Besides, calls can be transferred from the smartphone to the PC and vice versa. The application uses the internal microphone, display, and speakers of the Windows PC.

Microsoft has shown a short demo of the functions of the call on the Surface Event on October 2019 and connection with the still-experimental dual-screen smartphone Surface Duo. The software was officially announced in August 2019.

In some cases, the program does not behave as intended: For example, it may happen according to Microsoft that an unrecognized smartphone must be decoupled again via Bluetooth and reconnected.