Who Am I?


My name is Waleed Khalid aka wilirax. I am a Professional Blogger and Graphic Designer specialized in  Icon designing, Caricatures,  Branding, and 2d animations. I’m constantly learning graphic designing and IT technologies, currently working as a Data Architecture in the SNGPL company. Besides my job, I have been working for 6 years as a freelance graphic designer on different websites to learn and explore my skills and abilities. I’m skilled in many areas of design. Graphic designing is my passion and  I consider myself privileged that I have seen the beauty and power of this profession.

Being a designer means to be creative, precise, dedicated, free to express yourself. My experience working in the creative industry as a freelancer has given me a diverse skill set. I have a high standard of professionalism and excellent people skills with exemplary levels of customer service to a broad range of clients. With an excellent eye for detail, I am also well organized and a forward thinker. I’ m a quick learner and manage my time effectively, getting the job done to the best of my ability.

Design process:

My Design process always starts with a pencil and paper, scribbling ideas and raw concepts, thinking about the problem and the solution. Once I have an idea of what I want to achieve, I’ll then sit down at my computer and start with wireframes and low-level mockups. Then add the imagery and details.

One of the things I love about my job is the great tools I get to work with every day, here are some of the tools I use in my work. I use Photoshop and Illustrator for my layout and design. I use After Effects and Premiere for my animations.