When Web marketing and Web Hosting Become Inseparable

When Web marketing and Web Hosting Become Inseparable


     Web marketing is a discipline that encompasses all the marketing techniques used to make known and optimize the visibility of one’s company.

     It, therefore, borrows from traditional marketing methods, except that they were designed for the web.

     As a result, the levers used are the modern digital and technological tools available on the Internet, such as social networks or e-mailing for example.

     One of the least talked about levers, which is however inseparable from web marketing, is web hosting.

     As soon as the digital marketing strategy that is implemented bears fruit, web hosting effectively comes into play in the process of developing the loyalty of prospects.

     Focus on the marketing approaches that allow you to optimize the visibility of your site and in particular the role of web hosting in this process.


     Web hosting consists of storing the digital data of your website on servers. In the field of web marketing, the choice of the host and the type of hosting is a technical aspect that can be relied on to succeed in your strategy.


          Good hosting guarantees the overall performance of the site. Among other things, it makes site navigation more fluid, minimizes web page loading time, makes it possible to geolocate your site, etc.

     To understand the impact of hosting on the visibility of your web platform, just do the math: the more ergonomic and faster the site is when loading, the more visitors will want to come back to it.

     For their part, search engines will consider that visitors are satisfied with the site and will give it a good place in search results.

     Optimization of the traffic and conversion rate are web marketing objectives that can be achieved through web hosting.



     The advantages of good SEO are numerous, but you still need to choose one that is effective, such as shared hosting on sites like planethoster.com for example, because there is necessarily a type of hosting adapted to your activity and on which you can rely to support your business.

     This will depend on your web traffic, your data security needs and of course your budget. Here are the different types of hosting offers you can choose from:

  • Shared hosting: this consists of hosting many websites on a single server. This type of offer is often accessible to all budgets and allows you to delegate the details of server administration to a professional. This offer is perfect for showcase sites or newly launched blogs that are still attracting visitors.
  • VPS hosting: allowing you to share a server with other sites while having your own resources, this type of hosting is suitable for sites that already have a lot of traffic.
  • Dedicated hosting: this means having your own server. It is, therefore, suitable for sites that receive a significant number of visitors and require significant resources.
  • Cloud hosting: this is based on the use of virtual servers, thus allowing you to optimize their availability. It is adapted to companies that need to evolve very quickly and want to have the flexibility to switch to other offers in the medium term.


     Web marketing encompasses actions to optimize the traffic and visibility of the website.
     These objectives can only be achieved through 3 fundamental actions: attracting, converting prospects and finally building customer loyalty. At each of these stages, web hosting can have its role to play:


     The attraction is the phase during which you generate and increase traffic to your website.
     To do this, you must first conduct a careful study of your target audience to ensure that your campaign meets their needs and expectations.
     The analysis should not only focus on the offer but also on the competition in order to find out about current practices in the sector and identify the essential points to be improved or on which to draw inspiration.
     The next step will be to implement a campaign on the chosen channel: website, blog, social network, etc.
     And since the website is almost unavoidable, it is essential at this stage to choose the right hosting offer.
     Even if the technical details should not take you over from the start, the fact remains that a correctly chosen hosting package will inevitably have an impact on the referencing of the site and therefore its visibility (in addition to other factors such as design, content, etc.).


     Now that you’ve succeeded in attracting visitors to your site, you need to get them to do something: order, fill out a shopping cart, answer a questionnaire, etc.
     The purpose of this step is to allow you to retrieve your visitors’ data in order to establish a closer relationship with them.
     To do this, techniques such as e-mailing have long proved their worth, since the latter makes it possible to set up more personalized communication with prospects.
     Note that web hosting also comes into play at this stage of your interactions with your prospects.
     Indeed, as soon as the navigation on the site is fluid and intuitive, your visitors will be more inclined to return to your site.
     Such results can only be obtained through quality web hosting.


     By this stage, you will already have effectively converted your prospects, who are now considered customers. And once again, the challenge is to ensure that they are loyal to you and don’t go anywhere else!

     In order to achieve this goal, you can use various levers such as social networks for example, which are particularly effective when used properly.

     At this stage, it is also a question of developing promotional offers to reward the loyalty of your customers.

     Some will not hesitate to implement a satisfaction survey to improve their services, while on the technical side, there is every interest in the site’s performance.

     Note that the more traffic increases, the more resources your site will require, so if necessary, you will need to upgrade your web hosting offer.