Whatsapp Dark Mode!

wilirax whatsapp dark mode sample
WhatsApp has promised us the dark mode in your app for a long time and it looks like the wait is about to end soon.
WABetaInfo, which is the blog that tracks all updates that the app is developing and will be introduced later, revealed that the dark mode is finally happening.
In addition, this new version of WhatsApp will also have several other features, which are definitely quite interesting, such as the self-destructive messaging feature.
When will WhatsApp dark mode be enabled? What’s the big hype about WhatsApp’s dark mode? Find out here!

WhatsApp Dark Mode: Details leaked by WABetaInfo:

WABetaInfo reported that WhatsApp’s dark mode was seen in the beta version of Android 2.19.282. The account also tells us about the different topics WhatsApp is currently trying to work on and will probably introduce them soon too!
Whatsapp Dark Mode by wilirax
Apparently, the popular social networking application is also working in other WhatsApp modes, such as Dark Mode, Light Mode, and System Default mode.

How will it work:

On the WhatsApp “Settings” tab you will find the “Theme” option, which will list the following options: Light, Dark and System Default.
The Light theme will give the WhatsApp background a white color, which is the practice so far. The dark theme will obviously make the screen go black. The system default mode would change WhatsApp settings to match the actual phone settings.

Why the dark mode hype:

If you open WhatsApp in the dark, you may have noticed the intense pain your eyes go through to see it. To avoid this, WhatsApp’s dark mode has come to our rescue.
Science says that if our eyes are exposed to light, it makes it difficult to secrete melatonin, which is a hormone that helps us sleep.
It will also help to reduce our phones’ battery usage, making them last longer without dying.

What other features is WhatsApp introducing:

WhatsApp is planning to introduce a new and interesting feature where messages will self-destruct! Yes, there will now be no “This message has been deleted” template that will appear in place of a message.