Virtual Reality So Future Unreal Engine

Virtual Reality So Future Unreal Engine

With a myriad of games that use it, Unreal has long been known as a respected gaming machines. As the development of virtual reality (VR), the creators also wanted to be the first Unreal game engine so VR.

Indeed, Unity game engine had become the strongest candidates who will focus on the game VR. But it seems Unreal is also not to be outdone, the Game Developers Conference in March, later touted to be the event evidence. Epic Unreal as tenants are planning to demonstrate the game based on Unreal in order VR. Furthermore, once the demo will show to the producers of the future games that Unreal allows graphics-based VR.

“After holding the Oculus Rift, we will open up various possibilities (VR gaming future),” said Mike Fricker, Director of Engineering Epic.

Using the Unreal engine that supports VR technology, game developers will also be possible to integrate the artificial VR gaming devices supporting the start on the market, such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or others. Interestingly, even the developers of the game itself is called will be able to build from the game environment in view of the VR itself can be seen in the attached video. The type of controller used is based motion sensors, a sort of Wii Remote or Oculus Touch.

“The ability in nature VR to move objects with visual scale of 1: 1 to make you more efficient. We think these tools will greatly assist any developer to create content (in the game),” added Fricker.