TP-Link upgrades routers to Wi-Fi 6 with the new Deco X90, X60 and X20

TP-Link Upgrades Mesh Routers to Wi-Fi 6 with New Deco  X90, X60, and X20


     The Chinese giant Tp-Link has just unveiled three new mesh routers, the Deco X90, X60, and X20 all dual-band, they take advantage of all the technological innovations of Wi-Fi 6.

     The year 2020 will be the year of the merger between one of the best new Wi-Fi network innovations of recent years, mesh routers, and the newest generation of the wireless standard, Wi-Fi 6.

     TP-Link, one of the biggest players in the market, has just announced no less than three new elements in its Deco range, its easy-to-configure mesh routers. 

     These include at least a main router and a satellite to form a single Wi-Fi network to cover all or part of your home. 

     The Deco X90, X60, and X20 are designed and quite elegant (in different sizes, depending on the number of antennas, no doubt), and are therefore compatible with Wi-Fi 6, which means that they incorporate the technologies integrated into this standard. 

     These include MU-MIMO, already present in Wi-Fi 5, and OFDMA, which comes from 4G. These two technologies make it possible to manage more devices simultaneously. 

     On this point, TP-Link announces up to 150 devices that can be connected simultaneously. There is also 1024-QAM, which in theory makes it possible to increase transfer rates by around 25%.

     TP-Link announces that its X-Series Deco’s will offer up to four times the average throughput. In other words, everyday uses, whether streaming 4K or playing online games, should be seamless.

     Especially since Wi-Fi 6 should be more resistant to interference from neighboring networks. To ensure this, TP-Link will also use beamforming technologies, which concentrates the signal strength to the devices that are connected to the network.

     Finally, Wi-Fi 6 still requires the Deco X90, X60, and X20 to offer encryption of wireless connections using the WPA3 protocol, for added security even if your password is not very secure.

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     The Chinese manufacturer also integrates its HomeCare offer, which includes antivirus, parental control, and a suite that manages and monitors the network’s quality of service.