There ‘BUG’, Makes iOS 9 Adoption Weakens

There 'BUG', Makes iOS 9 Adoption Weakens

There was a slight anomaly with iOS adoption OS 9. If you normally claim Apple has often showed growth of users, recent reports reveal that the adoption of iOS 9 began crashed.

So by the end of February 2016 is the adoption of iOS 9 called stands at 77%. Reflecting on the reports in the previous month, the percentage of adoption of iOS 9 did not show improvement. Analysts called the weak adoption of iOS 9 has something to do with the often encountered a bug in the OS.

Yet Apple also was silent. Recently the Cupertino company, the United States launched a patch to close the 100 problem in iOS 9. But maybe Apple users already overdo disappointed with iOS 9 or did not know if Apple has been doing repairs, so the adoption of iOS 9 restrained.

The same data also reveal that the adoption of iOS 8 percentage is 17%, while the iOS version previously only remaining 6% of the entire population of iOS. This data alone are summarized based on the number of active user iDevice in AppStore app market throughout the month of February 2016.

So far there has been no official response from Apple, especially about the reasons retention of adoption of iOS 9.