Sony Officially Has ‘Deadly’ Xperia Z

Sony Officially Has 'Deadly' Xperia Z

Sony Mobile has finally officially announced the “deadly” series flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z. Such products will be replaced with the Xperia X, a new smartphone introduced at the Mobile World Congress 2016. This means that users will not see the form of the Xperia Z6.

“Xperia Z has reached its peak, the Xperia series X is a round and a new evolution of our product strategy,” wrote Sony, Xperia Blog.

“While the Xperia Z series is all about bringing the best of Sony’s advanced technology to smartphones, the Xperia series X is based on bringing smart and adaptive user experience Sony in camera, battery performance, and the design of hardware / software,” said Sony.

Previously, Facebook accounts owned by Sony Mobile Germany blew out the news stating that the Xperia X will replace the Z series. There was some confusion because the official account of Sony Xperia News said that the Xperia Z will not be interrupted and continued.

The official statement from Sony Mobile is finally really answered future of the Xperia Z. Sony has felt the need to open a new chapter in the mobile market, and one of them is also proposing a new name for its Android devices.