Scratch-Sensitive iPhone 11 Display

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Shortly after the release of the new iPhone 11, some users complained about the display, which is said to be scratched by light contact. Meanwhile, the complaint list in Apple’s forum over 70 pages long – the manufacturer, however, has not yet commented.

Apple’s iPhone 11 has a very scratch-prone screen. In the official support forum of the manufacturer, the messages of angry users do not go back, at the time of publication of this article, the corresponding thread is 71 pages long.

Owners of the iPhone 11 report that their devices already carry their first small scratches by wearing them in their trouser pocket, where only the smartphone is located. After only a week, many users see visible traces on the display.

It is normal for small scratches to be visible on the screen, even when used with care, even when used with care. However, this only happens after a few days is more than unusual.

The display does not usually scratch easily
Usually, smartphone and tablet displays are made of scratch-resistant glass and sealed accordingly. Although this does not protect against scratches, as they occur, for example, when a key is worn in the pocket at the same time; however, protection against scratches by dust or fingernails is given.

It is unclear why the display of the iPhone 11 scratched so easily with some users. It is conceivable that the surface treatment was not carried out correctly. We were not able to detect any scratches on our iPhone 11, possibly only certain batches are affected by the problem. So far, affected users wait in vain for a statement from Apple: The company has not yet commented on the issue, to the displeasure of users.