‘Samsung’s Gear IconX’ new wireless headphones work on the iPhone 7

Samsung announced an interesting pair of wireless earbuds called Gear IconX Tuesday. They did not stick to the one wireless earbuds For hp or each other. Instead, they are fully Bluetooth. Instead of entering them in the content, they come with taking the case that the earbuds individual budgets. Costumer pairs in this case, like this:

'Samsung's Gear IconX' new wireless headphones work on the iPhone 7

Kif Leswing / Business Insider

Sports a battery life of 90 minutes, $ 199 earbuds, which have many health monitoring features, could be a surprise hit when they start since marketed the 3rd quarter.
It would not surprise me if not a few people buy them for utilizing with IPhone 7. If there is a rumor that was almost certainly true of the iPhone 7, it is that it will not have a headphone jack, forcing customers For plug-in through the “Lightning charging “port or wearing wireless headphones.
In fact, Samsung Gear IconX in fact very, very similar along a set of wireless earbuds Apple is rumored to be currently in development. To the month of January, reliable Apple blogger Mark Gurman reports on the development of a set of Bluetooth earphones that Apple was able to launch alongside the iPhone 7.

He posts:
The new earphones lah say are wireless, which suggests that they do not even have cable connecting the left and right ear pieces …
The updated version of Apple’s new wireless / Beats headphones in development do not include a port for charging, the contrast along the Mini-USB port on the wireless Beats today. Instead, the new headphones leaning coming together take up a case which serves as a battery recharge for the juice headphones when they are not enabled.

It does not sound a bit like the Samsung Gear IconX, and other products from Motorola and Bragi who explores similar ideas. Gurman and notes that the battery can be a concern for Apple project, and version Samsung succeed just 90 minutes.

But even if Apple releases free iPhone headphone jack, it may need to give joint support that new compatible headphones. Gurman not think that IconX-style headphones will be included in the box, the more it could be that Apple may include free Lightning Earpods, but with the acquisition of Beats, it is almost certain that Apple is preparing many hardware headphones are extremely cold. Samsung has beaten exceeded ugly they made the announcement.