Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Leaked!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Leaked!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active, inadvertently revealed through a Level-made Samsung’s own app. Name of the device called Galaxy S7 Active it appears among the list of compatible devices in the application in question, with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Galaxy.

Active Galaxy series flagship phone is known to be variants that add extra capabilities to make it more resilient.

Galaxy S6 Active that emerged last year, for example, given the resistance to water, hard shells, three physical buttons, as well as a battery with greater capacity than the Galaxy S6 version of “regular”.

Starting in 2013 since the emergence of the Galaxy S4, line of high-end phones from Samsung Galaxy S is always accompanied by Active variant. Active Galaxy S7 will be the case, the role of these devices will still unclear given the Galaxy S7 itself is equipped with powerful features such as resistance to water and dust (IP68).

In addition to the above two things, about what more features will be pinned to add to the appeal of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active compared to Samsung Galaxy S7 regular?