Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Vertical Folding

          Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Vertical Folding

      The successor to the Galaxy Fold will fold vertically. It should be launched in early 2020.

     At the Samsung 2019 Developer Conference in San Jose, California, South Korean electronics giant Samsung launched a new version of the Galaxy Fold. The presentation video explains, “from the Galaxy Fold to the innovative new form factor,” featuring a vertical folding version of Samsung’s popular folding device. 

     The video shows a Galaxy Fold, which folds horizontally (like a book) into a longer vertical display.

     The successor to the Galaxy Fold will have the look of a classic smartphone but can fold vertically to a square shape, making it more portable.
                                                 Source: Samsung Newsroom

      Interestingly, a similar teaser published on Samsung’s Korean YouTube page goes a little further, showing the Galaxy Fold and the new device side by side. It also shows the new device folded at 90 degrees when recording a video, suggesting that you can use the fold function to put the device in place while recording something.

     Finally, the video reveals that the new Galaxy Fold device will have a front perforated camera.

     By announcing a new foldable smartphone so quickly, Samsung confirms that it takes this technology very seriously and that it doesn’t intend to settle for a single device reserved for a very small and wealthy clientele. 

     2020 should be an important year for the Korean company, which may well announce different smartphones of the genre by multiplying the designs. After the tablet capable of becoming a smartphone, here is now the smartphone capable of becoming a small square object.

     The new Galaxy Fold device is not clear. Let’s hope Samsung has found a way to improve its foldable screen technology for this new device so that it doesn’t suffer the same problems as its predecessor.