Samsung announces an outdoor 4K TV called the Terrace

     Samsung launches a TV specifically designed for outdoor viewing, the Samsung Terrace has all the assets to withstand the brightness of the sun and the dangers of outdoor life.


 Samsung’s first outdoor TV is called The Terrace

     How can you watch TV in your garden or by the pool without having to move the living room screen? Easy: all you need is an outdoor TV set! Rather than recycling one of the old family TVs, Samsung offers to invest in a dedicated TV with features for life outside the walls. 
     This is the principle of “The Terrace“, a 4K QLED screen, which will be available in 65 and 75 inches and is designed for outdoor use.
     The main requirements for this type of use are high brightness (so as not to be disturbed by the strong ambient light) as well as protection against water and dust projections.

QLED 4K HDR Slab from 55 to 75 inches

     In addition to this ergonomic feature, The Terrace is a connected TV that takes up the functional completeness of all the other audiovisual products of the brand.
     First of all, you will find a QLED 4K HDR panel that comes in 55 inches, 65 inches, or 75-inch sizes. The announced brightness is 2000 nits.
     You also find Tizen, the operating system that powers all the firm’s connected TVs, as well as all the platform’s applications: streaming services, voice assistants (Assistant, Bixby, and Alexa) and AirPlay 2 wireless connectivity.
     The Terrace is already in pre-order across the Atlantic (the USA and Canada). The television will then arrive in Germany, Australia, and New Zealand.
     It could even reach France (Germany is not far away). The price reaches 5000 US dollars for the 65-inch version without the soundbar and 6500 dollars for the 75-inch version. Add 1200 dollars for the soundbar.

Remote control and a soundbar for outside use

     Finally, Samsung does not forget to accompany its TV with adapted accessories. For example, the Terrace remote control has been specially treated to make it waterproof and dustproof (IP56).
     Finally, for the audio part, a soundbar, also IP55, the Terrace Soundbar will be available to enhance the audio experience.
     Will this device, designed for outdoor life, be able to cope with the torments of a sunny day? Only a test will be able to measure the Terrace’s outdoor capabilities. In the meantime, the TV and soundbar are available for pre-order in the United States and Canada.

Samsung Terrace price

     As for prices, they are $5,000 for the 65-inch version and $6,500 for the largest 75-inch model, count $1,200 for the soundbar.


Model                          Size                        Price
QN55LST7T                55-inch                       $3,500
QN65LST7T                65-inch                       $5,000
QN75LST7T                75-inch                       $6,500