Rumors : HTC interference behind the “Google Pixel”

Rumors : HTC interference behind the "Google Pixel"

Made by Google “Android Smartphone” touted current rating higher than camera and exclusive features that are not owned by another Android Smartphone. However, those who believed, and it turns out that behind the pixels and “XL”, intervention, Taiwan Smartphone vendor HTC.

HTC, which ranks in the top-ranked mobile phone manufacturer, and become a partner of company grouping pixels and “XL”. XL has pixel and various cooperation schemes. Both are alike but is collected by third-party vendors. However for special lines of pixels, each concept and design and engineering process, done by Google itself.

HTC provides only birakitania for Google Android Smartphone to give birth. These steps, according to the head of the Google Appliance div, Rick Osterloh, same thing with Apple iPhone device in the production.

Cupertino manufacturer who designed the iPhone line at its headquarters and handed birakitania to Foxconn in Taiwan.

And then, why choose Google HTC?

Osterloh said “HTC is one of the companies with a rich background of experience in the manufacturing industry. Osterloh said “Google working on design and process engineering, Google now also as a salesman for smartphones, variation in (strategy) relationship, many others. HTC created since 1997 actually known a long history as a manufacturer of hardware manufacturing brands-Smartphone in the world, like Microsoft with Windows Phone.

HTC is also one of the first vendors that spawn Android Smartphone in 2008. However, HTC competes with vendors such as Apple, Samsung, waksiaomi. HTC smartphone sales in 2015 and then dropped to 70 percent from 2011. World market share in the Smartphone market, too, according to IDC, data from 9.2 per cent in 2011 by 1.3 per cent in 2015.