Razer Makes The Viper Wireless!

Razer Makes The Viper Wireless! by wilirax

With the Viper Ultimate brings Razer a wireless version of the Viper in the trade: The gaming mouse is symmetrical with optically triggering main buttons and the battery should last up to 70 hours.

Razer has released the Viper Ultimate: The mouse, named after a venomous snake, as usual, is the wireless version of the regular Razer Viper, which has been available for two months. Despite the integrated battery, the Viper Ultimate with 74 grams instead of 69 grams is hardly heavier than the wired mouse.

The Viper Ultimate has an asymmetrical design, as well as the already longer available Razer Lancehead. However, the sensor is another, even compared to the normal Razer Viper is a change: The manufacturer speaks of Focus + aka PWM-3399, an optical sensor. It concerns a PWM-3389 of Pixart, which was adapted with its firmware.

According to Razer, this is up to 20,000 instead of up to 16,000 dpi, the speed of 650 inches per second with a 99.6 percent resolution accuracy for Pixar sensors are the best values ​​so far. A function called Smart Tracking is intended to automatically adjust the lift-off distance to the mouse pad, and it is also possible to set that the Viper Ultimate uses different lift-off distances when lifting and lowering.

Both main buttons have no mechanical, but optically triggering switches installed. This is to provide a shorter Entprelldauer for faster clicks and also ensure longer shelf life. The integrated battery creates 70 hours according to the manufacturer, but only if the RGB lighting effects of the Viper Ultimate are disabled. The mouse is delivered with a charging station and connected via USB dongle, cable operation is also possible. The Viper Ultimate costs 170 euros.