Raspberry Pi Zero Becomes A Game Boy

Raspberry Pi Zero Becomes A Game Boy by wilirax

The GPI Case looks like a Game Boy of bygone days but is a case for the Raspberry Pi Zero – including power switch and jack. There are a few differences to the Nintendo original: such as additional buttons and a color display.

The online retailer Retroflag offers for Nintendo fans and hobbyists a housing that looks like the Game Boy from the year 1989. Even details such as the word “dot-matrix with stereo sound” are shown on it. The GPI Case is compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi Zero W mini computers. The board is plugged into a separate case that mimics a gaming cassette for the portable retro console.

The GPI Case itself has – like the Nintendo model – action buttons, a directional pad and the elongated buttons Start and Select. One difference is that the case has four instead of just two round switches on the right side. This makes the system suitable for a wider selection of games, such as titles for the Super Nintendo. Shoulder buttons are also present and integrated into the back of the case.

The display of the Gpi Case is not a monochrome dot matrix like the Game Boy. On Reddit, a hobbyist shows the system with a 2.8-inch color LC display in use and also manages to install a slightly larger, but faster Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 Lite there.

Raspberry Pi Zero Becomes A Game Boy by wilirax

Batteries and headphone jack:

Behind the flap on the back of the case three AA batteries are inserted, which supply the installed computer with energy. The micro-USB port on the back should be able to be used for firmware updates and system access. The system power switch is located on the top of the chassis. He should be familiar with Game Boy owners. A 3.5 mm cable can also be connected to the underside.

Raspberry Pi Zero Becomes A Game Boy by wilirax

The GPI Case currently costs $ 70 in the US. It will also be sent to Germany via Amazon. Not included are batteries and a necessary Raspberry Pi Zero. This costs about 15 euros again.