Qualcomm Aims Drone Market

Qualcomm Aims Drone Market

Qualcomm as one of the largest mobile chip manufacturers do not want to miss the trend drone increasingly uphill. Last year, the US company introduced the Snapdragon platform-based Flight 801 Snapdragon chip for use by vendor partners in making design drone drone.

Flight Snapdragon following several drones were used, too, was brought to the MWC 2016 in Barcelona, ​​Spain, last week, where they can be found in the IOT in Qualcomm’s booth.

“Using smartphone technology, we create a board that can handle many things at once so as to put pressure on production costs,” said Senior Vice President of Global Marketing Qualcomm Tim McDonough.

Qualcomm’s Senior Director of Corporate Marketing David Miller, adding that it was deliberately focus on drones which create quick and relatively affordable priced, but still equipped with a series of advanced capabilities such as anti-collision features and automatic navigation.

Later, Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight hope will be found in the segment of light drones like Ying-made Chinese manufacturers new entrants to the market earlier this year. “This also includes small drones for selfie,” said Miller pointed out. The focus of the drones segment to light, there must be a reason. Miller said the drone market of this type will experience rapid development in the future.

One reason, said Miller, is the regulation for the relatively less stringent lightweight drone drone another category larger, heavier, and used for commercial purposes.

Miller cited the legal registration of drones in Uncle Sam requires that drone weighing between 250 grams to 25 kg must be registered before it can mengangkasa.

Segment drone under severe restrictions that are targeted by Qualcomm. “We see that the small-sized drone market is going to grow up,” said Miller.