PlayStation 5: “The Future Is Coming”

(Image credit: SteelDrake)

hat does the PlayStation 5 look like? The answer to this question could be: it doesn’t matter at all. After all, a console is more about inner values. But for many gamers, it turns out anyway. And Sony could answer that question in a few days.

While Microsoft recently unveiled the Xbox Series X, showing what buyers can do in the living room at the end of the year, Sony is keeping a low profile. A photo of the PlayStation 5 has recently appeared, but this only shows the developer version. The design of the PS5, as you will probably be able to buy in stores at Christmas 2020, should be quite different.

Now Sony is providing first indications of what you want to show at CES in Las Vegas. The electronics fair starts next week. Sony holds its press conference on the night of Monday to Tuesday. The company announced on its website: “The future is coming. At CES 2020, Sony is presenting a unique vision of the future that brings creativity and technology together like never before to trigger new sensations and emotions. ”

That Sony is hinting at the PlayStation 5 is one possibility of interpretation. That it could also be a TV set, another. The Japanese are only neglecting the mobile communications division. Nevertheless, a new Xperia smartphone is also conceivable.
Whatever Sony’s “unique vision of the future” will look like – the PS5 should show its appearance in the not too distant future. As far as the inner values ​​are concerned, the console will use a CPU based on AMD’s Zen 2 and a GPU based on Navi. This should allow the PS5 to offer hardware-accelerated ray tracing. Besides, the PlayStation 5 should have a drive that should also be able to play 4K Blu- rays.
(Image credit: Sony)

Besides, the PlayStation 5 is said to support 8K graphics and 3D audio. The manufacturer wants to improve the loading times with an SSD. The hard drive should ensure that the user is brought into the game even faster and has to wait for less.
Since PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 have a similar architecture, the upcoming console will be compatible with the current generation. This means that the PlayStation 5 can also play games from the PlayStation 4. This should also apply to VR games and the virtual reality headset PlayStation VR.


Although the design of the PS5 is still under lock and key, what the DualShock 5 controller could look like, it is already known from recently emerging patents. A video that the Italian designer Giuseppe Spinelli created shows the gaming device: