Pierre Morad Omidyar behind the giant eBay

Pierre Morad Omidyar behind the giant eBay

known as the eBay auction site and selling giant, which is popular in many parts of the world. Founded in 1995, eBay is the pioneer era of e-commerce. This website is the brainchild of a man named Pierre low profile Morad Omidyar.

Omidyar known figure shy, does not like to comment and rarely appear in the media. “I am happy to be under the radar. When I walk around in the city, I want people to know and call is a partner at Starbucks,” he said once.

Omidyar was born in Paris 48 years ago. His parents were immigrants from Iran were sent to France to study. He became affluent, venerable academic mother and father doctor. Omidyar boy when they moved to the United States related to the job his father. Unfortunately, parents Omidyar later divorce.

He is interested in the world of computers as a teenager and earned a degree in Computer Science from Tufts University. Had worked in several Silicon Valley technology companies, Omidyar set up an online auction service in September 1995, originally named Auction Web. Before later renamed eBay.

Three years later, eBay stock exchange floor and made Omidyar become a millionaire at the age of 31 years. Currently, he is still among the richest in the US with the latest property Forbes estimated USD 7.5 billion.

Since the beginning, Omidyar rather be behind the scenes. “I’m not the type of founder concurrently CEO like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. I built the company up to a certain point and if successful, we will bring manajamen professionals. Skillku is to innovate and create but to be successful, I know we need a manager true,” he explained.

In 1998, Omidyar appointed Meg Whitman as eBay CEO. Whitman is now the CEO of Hewlett Packard, assessed successfully lead eBay in the early era. “I only give advice on Meg behind the scenes. He is in charge,”

Currently, Omidyar and his wife Pamela lived in Henderson, Nevada, with three of their children. He has several luxury properties, among others in Hawaii, where he used to live for some time.

Together with his wife, Omidyar has a charitable foundation named Omidyar Network. The Foundation has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to nonprofit organizations to improve human life.