Open any Programs, Files and Folders using Shortcut Keys in Windows

There are bunch of Shortcut Keys available in windows that provides an easier and quicker ways in navigating any computer directories and executing commands on a program/software. This helpful shortcuts are effectively makes any operation simple and accessible without too much input sequences on opening anything in the system.

Shortcut Keys are important and it is undeniable that almost every user loves shortcuts for easy and quick commands. However, these shortcuts are quite limited, as windows only covers the basic shortcuts in general input of the system. For example when opening the “My Computer” or “This PC” window, you can easily press “Windows Key + E” on the keyboard, or simply press ALT+F4 to quit an open program. Now, how about opening the CONTROL PANEL, CMD or MS WORD? Basically, there is no hotkey for that unless you make a shortcut icon (.lnk) on your desktop and assign a shortcut key on its properties.

Launching/Opening any programs, files or folders using a custom shortcut key is cool, but is there any other way doing that without filling up your desktop with shortcuts? Yes there is! Using this simple app called EVOKEYS.

EVOKEYS allows you to open any programs, files or folders using a custom shortcut key. This light application has a very user-friendly interface with no complicated settings, you can designate any key combination you want for a certain program, file or a folder. Whenever it is installed, it adds up into the system tray, its main window can be easily launched by clicking the icon on the tray.

You can add shortcut keys as many as you can – a program, file or a folder defining its name, path, parameters (optional), hotkey and style by clicking the Add button.

EVOKEYS also allows you to assign a shortcut key on system commands such as Shutdown, Restart, Hybernate, Log Off, Switch User – lock. Under the Custom Menu, you can easily select any of the available options and input your desired hotkey. Along with this, you can also specify a hotkey for the primary windows folders such as My Computer and My Documents. Control Panel and CMD are included as well.

This program supports 32 and 64 bit System. It is tested on Windows XP and later versions except Windows 10.