OnePlus presents Concept One invisible cameras

CES 2020: OnePlus presents Concept One and its invisible cameras


     OnePlus takes advantage of CES 2020 to present its Concept One. Developed in collaboration with McLaren, this smartphone uses a special glass, which makes the rear cameras disappear.

     For the first time in its history, OnePlus is making announcements at the CES. The Chinese company unveiled Concept One, a conceptual smartphone as its name suggests. 

     Designed in partnership with McLaren, this device features “electrochromic glass” on its back. The latter can change color from “opaque black to clear black” in 0.7 seconds.

An invisible camera module

     You’re probably wondering what such an innovation can be used for? By using electrochromic glass, OnePlus has found a way to hide the camera modules on the back of our smartphones. 

     Do you dislike the idea of multiple sensors?  Maybe this new kind of design is the solution to your problems. When the camera of your smartphone is not in use, the camera module is all black.

     OnePlus explains that it had a great deal of trouble developing such a system. To work, electrochromic glass must be thin and light. 

     The brand says it has achieved its goal even if doubts are, as a result, allowed about the solidity of such a device. What happens if the glass breaks?


A smartphone not on the market

     The glass used by OnePlus offers another advantage, according to the brand, it allows “sharper and more detailed photos under strong light”. The brand explains that its design acts as a polarizing filter that we are eager to test.

     Unfortunately for us, it is unlikely that we can bring back a OnePlus Concept One from the CES in Las Vegas. The smartphone is a prototype and has very little chance of ever being commercialized. 

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     For OnePlus, the main goal is to get the word out about it and to be categorized as “cool and innovative”. You be the judge!