Nokia 8 will have a larger screen version ?

Nokia 8 will have a larger screen version ?

HMD generally validly has the Nokia 8 knowledgeable since the last months a byword netizen is. The first high-end phone from Nokia brand comes with a 5.3-inch IPS screen.

It seems that Nokia 8 will not be single in high-end HMD comprehensively class. The company has indicated that there will be a variant with a larger screen. Not yet clear what the variance names and when released. The landscape of the screen was still unfolded.

“(Largers) to meet the needs of a wider user,” says HMD’s Marketing Manager, Neil Broadley.

According to Broadley, Nokia 8 is a device that is superior in terms of specifications. But he believes there are certain groups of people who want the Nokia 8 specification in devices with larger screens.

In providing a grid talk about the presence of Nokia 8 jumbo version, Broadley also talked about business plans. He said for a while there is no intention to bring the Nokia 8 to the market of the United States.

In fact, according to the specifications, Nokia should be able to compete with Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 in the United States Broadley says that it is not going to be competing with Samsung or Apple.

“We cumulatively look to provide the best for users,” said Broadley.

Regardless of the raster and rumors that circulates, nothing can be guaranteed version of Nokia 8 with a large screen actually to be launched.

Nokia 8 debuted in Europe with a price of 599 euros. To Europe, Nokia 8 is marketed elsewhere.