New Android malware Emerges Every 9 Seconds

New Android malware Emerges Every 9 Seconds

System Android operating don’t suffer as ruler of the Smartphone market. Where the Exchange quarter, according to IDC, the market of second Smartphone 2016 87 percent controlled by Android OS.

Android malware itself does not stop the negative record after record new year 2015 with total new Android malware more than 2.3 million new malware. Security experts estimate that it will be solved in the end 2016 g data log shows new records will threaten more than 4 million new Android malware Android user.

The first Android malware samples have undergone even 2016, up 29 per cent (1,723,265) compared to the second semester 2015 (1.332.839). With the number of malware that size, if divided into 182 days (6 months) and average daily show new Android malware malware 9.468 or 1 new every 9 seconds.

New Android malware Emerges Every 9 Seconds

As for the total number of unique malware collected “data set” from 2011 till today amounts to more than 7 million. 1,723,265 new malware figures obtained from the lab total malware collected “data set” every month since February is the month with the highest malware samples new malware 460,837, April is the month with the lowest total with malware malware samples 166,829.

But from April to June – new Android malware trend is experiencing continuous increase and is expected to continue to rise until the end of 2016.


Many roads lead to Rome, so the saying goes. Use many ways to advertise and applicants in the race looking for a unique way to attract smartphone users application.

Should not be used in the way that ethical or creative problem still need support. But if the resource owner applications may lack the controls on commercial application deployment methods and error (deliberately or not) advertising agency and then use unethical methods such as scaring intelligent user or worse yet misleading false statements and of course this requires caution and application vendors such as this need to avoid.

New Android malware Emerges Every 9 Seconds

Malvirtising is actually spreading since 2015 and tried to scare the Smartphone users with false information that the virus has hit that to install applications on ads.

Because of this taro malvirtising “pay to install the system. Pay per install is the way to distribute applications where users typically see candidate ads or whatever you view applications may need. More than the advertised installation application, the greater the presence in store applications and will attract more users to install applications.

But it seems that this system abused by criminals with false messages to scare away from smartphone users install the application so that it occurs in ads and financial interests each number to install the application.

The VPN protects the data and your bags

See above-trend, antivirus for Android Smartphone became a must have and can not be a bargain again. Be sure to use anti virus and don’t use dirty and unethical ways to promote their products.

In addition, one thing is inevitable to use smart phone WiFi, either free or WiFi. You can get WiFi in coffee shops, malls or airport. But you need to know that the data you receive and send via WiFi network and intercepts vulnerable data need to be protected well.

Shopping activity on Internet banking and Internet banking services through increased mobile also apparently criminal escaped scrutiny where they started targeting users of mobile banking and mobile shobling online. Simply visit the site be manipulated enough to infect the machine.

That’s why protecting data sent via your Smartphone has become a necessity in order to protect the data private for you. One to protect data security test methods is VPN virtual private network email data bank traders and merchants online shopping and browsing you are protected with either according to the highest industry standards.

Even some of the VPN service that integrates with your antivirus software shows that the availability of data that are sent via the pressure so that in addition to securing data with encryption can also save your cell quota because the data that is sent through the VPN will be smaller.