Money laundering via Bitcoin

Money laundering via BitcoinDutch police arrested 10 people suspected of using Bitcoin for laundering money worth USD 22 million. The money derived from criminal activity online drug sales.

10 men were all men aged 20 years and Dutch. They were arrested in a massive raids in 15 locations. They were arrested because often receive large amounts of money into his bank account, which is then immediately withdrawn using the ATM.

Authorities mention that the suspects of money laundering over $ 22 million belonging to drug dealers who sell in the Dark Web. The drug dealers were using Bitcoin currency in the transaction in the marketplace Dark Web.

Dark Web itself is the designation for sites that are invisible to search engines, alias can not be accessed by anyone. To be able to access the Web Dark takes special software. Bitcoin is used because it is easily transferred between users located in any country without having to pass through the bank, making it difficult to detect.

While the drug dealers will also be investigated in the investigation by a different team, despite the evidence of 15 kilograms of ecstasy makers are also found in the initial raid.

In a statement, the authorities in the Netherlands mention that they seized a number of luxury cars, cash, bank accounts, as well as a number of other items, including a number of Bitcoin, carried out in cooperation with the authorities a number of other countries such as the United States, Australia, Lithuania and Morocco.