Microsoft Edge with Chrome Engine

Microsoft is showing details of the redesign of the Chromium engine Edge browser, the same one used in Google Chrome, a while ago, including recently talking about a new logo. The good news is that now, finally, there is a release date for Microsoft’s new browser: January 15, 2020.

For now, there is already a RC (Release Candidate) version, which is an almost done browser iteration for Windows and macOS and can be downloaded at your own risk.

In addition to running on the Chromium web engine, the new Microsoft Edge, as it is being called by the company, features the speed and cool features for blocking ad crawlers by default and Collections. With this feature, the user will be able to “collect, organize and share” web content more easily with the help of a sidebar and a little drag-and-drop.

If you missed extensions, be aware that with the new Microsoft Edge the company will have its own store, but you can also use options made for Google Chrome.

For the corporate audience, Microsoft has also prepared a series of customizations. For starters, the browser will still support older Internet Explorer processes. So if your company’s intranet or system only works on your company’s old browser, you can access these pages.

In the case of an intranet, the browser will support searches using natural language processing. Then it will be possible, for example, to search for “Sofia who is an engineer in London”. The result will show data from the person and may even show where they are sitting.

Whether we like it or not, we spend a good part of our day in a browser, whether it’s using some kind of internal company system or even accessing or searching websites. Microsoft’s move to stick to the Chrome engine seems to make sense, and somehow a recognition that it was not worth maintaining a mechanism of its own. Just wondering if the new Microsoft Edge will win consumers or be the browser used to download other browsers?