Kodak Makes mobile phones, Release October 20, 2016?

Kodak Makes mobile phones, Release October 20, 2016?

The Kodak name reappeared, but did not speak to the camera. The manufacturer of the original United States even released a teaser that referred to the latest cell phone. Until then, has announced the launch as well.

It is a shame there is so much information that can be dug up a new Kodak phone problem. Only the Kodak logo button located on the front edge. Use the button also not clear yet whether the power button or shutter.

But what’s interesting date listed at the top right of the teaser. Written Oct 20, 2016 there which then led to the opinion, if runtime. If true, that would mean he stayed just a few days.

Kodak covers the development of this phone, because there are no any news suddenly appeared as a teaser. However, the issue of making the cell phone is not the first time that Kodak is doing. By 2015, then, these manufacturers have already started his luck.

When released this Kodak mobile phone with IM5 type. But it seems the IM5 sales is not very encouraging. Kodak seems to ever do that kapok, try again this year.

Never mention any information reserved specifications may be different themes, but to expect having exciting things on the side of his Kodak camera matching name for business. But if it indicates IM5, also hopes to hope only. Because there is absolutely no “Kodak DNA” in the IM5 when I started last year. IM5 just 13 cameras equipped with minimum mp Guide.