iPhone is still available for sale in China

iPhone is still available for sale in China

Apple Inc. suggests iPhone 6 & 6 Plus is still available for marketed in China after Beijing regulators banned the sale of the intellectual property they put forward a draft already infringed patents owned by a Chinese company.

“We appeal to the administrative orders of a regional patent court in Beijing a month ago and also is the final order has been stayed pending review by the IP Court of Beijing,” Apple said in a statement.

Notice, dated May 19, prohibiting the sale of certain iPhone models in Beijing has been posted on a Chinese government website.

The Chinese market is very absolute for Apple, driving more sales from other areas outside the United States. But the giants technologi already face greater scrutiny in the past many months, along with books and movies that its online services blocked by Chinese regulators early this yr.

Apples historically enjoyed special treatment in China, but Beijing tough actions to the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus is a reminder that technologi giant is not immune to the scrutiny that other US technology companies have long faced in the country, said analyst Colin Gillis of BGC Companion.