iPhone 6s on fire, Injuring the hands of a user

iPhone 6s on fire, Injuring the hands of a user

Does not return the genesis of experienced users iPhone gone sour. If previous iPhone 6 plus burn injury pupil, now came the role of victims taking iPhone 6s.

According to the victim, and suddenly only his iPhone 6s were in the back pocket pants on fire. In addition to making a hole in the pants, as a result of this incident also make the unnamed victim suffered burns around the back waist and also the fingers of the hand.

Been getting this wound when he tried to pull his trousers Pocket burn from main phone. After having dealt with the emergency unit of the hospital, and the next day the victim confessed to contacting Apple during the incident. It’s just hope Apple want to replace von 6s hers now charred destroyer.

The event itself only a few days in a row of events affecting student originally from New Jersey, United States, named “taking Darren. He admitted the smoke suddenly appeared from the pocket of pants, which soon followed. Shortly after the start of classes, phone (iPhone 6 plus) mine smoke. And it turns out that caught fire, told ABC Radio.

When you start to burn, helavati throw spontaneously von 6 plus the floor. Then he kicked away from fear when it exploded.

About this incident, Apple did not comment. But Tim Cook company leadership that promised an investigation.