Huawei will P9 Have 4 Variant

Huawei will P9 Have 4 VariantHuawei had to find a way to attract new smartphone P9. Maybe that’s one reason the Chinese company is providing four variants.

In addition to selling P9 original version, Huawei will also provide P9 Lite screen is smaller, P9 Max with a larger screen and embedded versions more features than P9. The mainstay of the four variants feature is a camera with dual lens and dual sensor. For a bigger version, provided the capacity of the RAM and storage space larger than P9 version.

The camera in the series P9 experiencing significant upgrade of Honor 6 Plus so whiz Huawei last year. This camera can perform refocus images after capture images, create three-dimensional images, providing a realistic blur effect in an image, to simulate the aperture settings and filters.

From the leaks that have circulated before, Huawei P9 mentioned will appear with a 5.2 inch wide screen, 950 Kirin Octa core processor, 4 GB RAM, and 3000 mAh battery. So far, the specification is still a rumor. To be sure, the public still had to be patient waiting for its release. Additional information launch, Huawei will not release a fourth this smartphone at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), Barcelona next month.

Apparently, Huawei will release it in a separate event a few weeks after the MWC 2016. The news circulating, Huawei will instead unveil similar devices Surface Book at MWC 2016.