How To Make Money Online

     Thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can easily start earning money online, here is a simple step-by-step guide that absolute beginners can use to start making money online.


How To Make Money Online

     Almost everyone has an internet connection: why not put it to good use to earn dollars quickly?

How to live without working: the right strategy

     Skeptics notwithstanding, there are several serious practices that can help you make ends meet in 2020, some of them even offer the opportunity to build up a real source of income thanks to the web.

     We present concrete ways that can bring in more or less important sums, as well as all the steps to succeed.

     All you have to do is choose the methods that best suit you. You should know that we never promise to become rich without getting tired or to live without working.

     However, you will see that these hypotheses are not completely excluded.

Steps to make money online

     It is normal to ask this question if you want to enter the world of “paid to browse”. There are so many processes to explore…

     As a beginner, knowing where to start is not always easy. But don’t worry, we explain each step in detail through informative pages.

      First of all, these 5 qualities will be required to earn money online:

     Motivation: you must always believe in yourself.

     Whatever your personality (or your skills), you can do it and get something to improve your daily life.

     So, first of all, be ambitious and stay motivated!

     Lucidity: Don’t expect to make “mad money” without any effort.

     There are dozens of profitable techniques, but unfortunately, there are no miracle solutions.

     Perseverance: in general, this quality usually pays off in the end, because your financial well-being will be built up over time. You will never earn a lot overnight.

     It will happen gradually, in several stages. Isn’t it rightly said that “everything comes to those who wait”?

     Curiosity: find out what you need to know. That way, you’ll find out which offers are the most profitable.

     Our guide and many others on the web direct you to the ones you shouldn’t miss.

     Vigilance: this quality complements the previous one perfectly. Avoid scams that can make you lose time, or worse, all your savings…

These are real methods:

     To be able to earn money easily on the internet, take a look at the ways listed below; they are accessible regardless of your internet profile.

1. Take part in paid surveys

     Are you aware that your opinion is of interest to companies for the improvement of their products and services? 

     To enable them to develop their business, participate in award-winning market research.

     As a thank you, you will receive money (or gifts).

     Each of your participation entitles you to a small amount, but accumulating them is a good initiative to earn more.

     By joining a consumer panel, you will, therefore, be paid to take part in satisfaction surveys or questionnaires about your personal habits and tastes.

     On average, you will earn a few dozen euros per month by subscribing to several paid survey sites.

     Being registered for different offers of this type has the advantage of receiving new survey proposals every day.

     Take a look at the best websites. Your opinion has value, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

2. Read paid e-mails

     There’s nothing easier than checking your mailbox. Thanks to the Net, it is now possible to get paid for receiving e-mails containing advertisements.

     What’s more, these are usually commercial operations that are worth it: exclusive discounts, free shipping, large sales, etc.

     Concretely, to earn a little money, you are still asked to visit websites (and sometimes even to register).

     As with paid survey offers, the monthly amounts received can reach tens of euros.

     The goal is therefore not to make it your main source of income, but to round off the ends of the month without much difficulty.

3. Earn money by buying online

     Do you know that every purchase you make on the web can give you money?

     In fact, a part of your purchases is refunded thanks to a partnership established between the e-merchant from whom you buy and the cashback website (the intermediary through which you visit the online shop).

     To simplify the procedure, most cashback websites offer the installation of a “shopping bar” in the form of an extension for browsers.

     The amount recovered on each purchase is very variable: between 3% and 50% of the amount of the order depending on the shop concerned and the type of products purchased.

     With the principle of cashback, which means “return of money”, you are therefore a winner without doing anything more than your usual shopping.

     It’s a good idea and there is only one step necessary to benefit from it: register and go through one or more cashback websites.

     There are many; it’s up to you to choose the ones that suit you best according to your buying habits.

4. Sell everything on the web

     An old piece of furniture you no longer need? A collection of comic books that you no longer have time to read? A video game console that you no longer play?

     With online classified ad sites, anything can be sold – a particularly common practice among people who want to make money.

     More surprisingly, some sites take back your empty printer cartridges for a few cents or euros.

     So before you throw them away, always think about reselling them.

5. Your passion can earn you

     Passionate about cooking? If you are used to creating your own recipes, many websites pay you when you publish innovative and practical food tips.

     If you’re more of a sportsman at heart, online gambling also appears to be a potentially lucrative activity.

     In a completely different vein, good photographers earn sometimes large sums of money by selling their pictures on image banks.

     Finally, whatever your profile, there is bound to be a lucrative activity in your image: find your own and devote as much time as possible to it.

Quick and easy techniques, but not only that!

     Working and earning a salary is the surest source of income.

     Did you know that the Net is full of all kinds of jobs? You’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

     Now it’s your turn to make your finances benefit from it. You’ll learn how to work from home in a variety of ways, at your ease, and in the warmth of your own home.

     The advantages of working at home are numerous: working at your own pace, at times that suit you, without having to travel, possibly finding a nanny… It is easy to understand why more and more people are looking for an activity at home.

     A real income without too many constraints, it makes you want it.

     Today, there are more and more choices for people looking for a small job at home. Here are some concrete techniques to give you an idea:

6. Sell a book via Kindle from Amazon

     If writing doesn’t scare you, why not make an e-book to sell with Amazon? Then yes, it’s not for everyone, because in addition to having good spelling, you need to be imaginative (or want to share your talent for writing a guide book).

     But there are many topics to choose from. Some “e-books” are remarkably successful on Amazon’s Kindle shop: they offer their authors a comfortable income.

     With Amazon and its many customers, the potential is really huge. If the magic happens, you get the money and a dream life!

     No, seriously, we’re not going to lie to you: although this new form of publishing is promising, success is far from guaranteed.

     To hope to get money as a reward for an often long and demanding editorial work, it is essential to offer a quality book.

     As for its selling price, it must remain affordable in order to reach as many people as possible (it can reach around 10 euros). In addition, doing a good promotion at the launch of your work will make all the difference.

     Is it a work that can suit you? You should know that we have devoted a whole page to it.

7. Create your own blog made profitable by advertising

     Depending on the number of visitors and the influence that you will manage to obtain via the web, creating a blog can bring you a few dozen euros (very useful as a salary supplement) or become your full-time job.

     The advantage of this practice is real: you have the possibility to earn money easily by devoting yourself to a subject that interests you.

     In addition, it is not uncommon for brands to offer a gift in exchange for visibility. However, keep in mind that you need to reach as many people as possible: so choose a unifying theme.

     To make your blog profitable, it’s not complicated. It is advertising that will make you money if you manage perfectly the affiliation programs, the ad systems or the sponsored content.

     So you need a minimum of knowledge and experience for this trick, but don’t set yourself any limits to succeed.

8. Consult the announcements on the web

     Several platforms are designed to link supply and demand through the Internet. This is a wise choice if you want to know how to make money without having to travel.

     Answering ads looking for a Community Manager will allow you, for example, to round off your ends of the month.

     You will be asked to boost a company’s Facebook page or a Twitter account on a regular basis, in exchange for a fee.

     And if you have a nice pen, don’t hesitate to become an editor. You will certainly find texts to write on themes close to your interests, to combine business with pleasure!

     Jewelry, restoration of furniture and objects, clothes, cakes, gardening, mechanics, plumbing, painting… More and more private individuals are offering their services, whether in the creation of handicrafts or in everyday services.

     The emergence of jobbing websites has indeed given the opportunity for many individuals to have more money by exploiting their talents.

     All you have to do now is think about your hidden talents or not, then get started.

     You will have understood it: there are a thousand and one opportunities for jobs at home.

     If you are highly motivated, why not consider a career change? Web jobs can not only offer you the opportunity to work from home, or from anywhere in the world, but also ensure the continuity of a profession of the future in a rapidly emerging sector of activity!

Before you get rich, save a maximum of money

     In 2020, there is no shortage of interesting ideas for supplementing one’s income on the internet.

     We will find them for you and let you know about the best opportunities. These are mostly easy and particularly quick to implement.

     As a rule, you will not have to pay for anything, because we always prefer free offers.

     But we go one step further by teaching you how to save money. For us, keeping your money is the key to saving and getting even richer.

     If you’re looking for ways to earn money and are looking for initiatives to make your money go further, isn’t it a good idea to start by thinking about ways to save money first?

     If the web offers us many possibilities to earn euros easily, we can also indulge in various useful practices to spend less, quite simply!

Here are some useful ideas to help you multiply the savings:

9. Collect coupons and promotional codes

     Consumers are kings on the Internet: to encourage them to make as many purchases as possible, they are given numerous promotional codes giving them access to attractive prices.

     Before validating an order on an online sales site, always check that there is no solution to pay less: take advantage of a discount offer or add a promotional code, for example.

     In the same spirit, free delivery should always be your goal: with a promotional code or by choosing the relay point, you are generally entitled to be delivered without having to spend a penny more.

10. Collaborate with other consumers

     Buying new clothes or products is not the only way to please you: on social networks or on specially dedicated sites, get in touch with other consumers to barter.

     This is not about making money on the internet, but about not spending it!

     Furthermore, if you are planning a trip, before booking your tickets online for a price that can be very high, find out about the possibility of carpooling.

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     You’ll have a pleasant ride in good company and pay much less.

     Many practices on the Internet allow you to increase your purchasing power and, even better, to spend less. When you use them for the first time, you very often end up adopting them: let yourself be tempted.