How Secure Mobile phones from Cyber Crime

How Secure Mobile phones from Cyber Crime

Mobile phones are now as important as the computer. The reason this one handheld device, enables anyone when accessing Internet-based information and services.

However, one thing that must be remembered, the Internet is also a gateway to dangerous things. There is always a risk of data theft to malware infection that will damage the phone computing systems.

Google, through its official statement gave a number of suggestions that mobile users can stay safe from the potential of internet-based crime. Here’s the summary.

1. Install the “key”

Unlocked phones like a house with the door wide open. Anyone can get into it without trying hard.

The first step in the mobile security is guaranteed to put a lock screen. You can use a PIN, password, or pattern lock to secure your phone from irresponsible parties.

2. Be wary when “download”

Step two, when you download the application note reviews of other users, the requirements demanded of the system, as well as the privacy policy on the application.

Make sure there’s nothing odd about the reviews or conditions that prompted the system. In addition, try to download from the official channels, such as the Google Play Store.

3. Do not just use WiFi

An open WiFi network without the encryption key and usually susceptible used as the gate data theft. It could be the owner of the service overseeing all data traffic through the network, including your personal information.

Should not conduct banking transactions online or when you’re using public WiFi.

4. Remind children

If you are married, do not forget to provide an understanding about online security before granting a handheld device. Pay attention to which sites are safe for their visit and information as to what should and should not be given to someone else.

Provide them with knowledge about the PIN or password. When they receive a message that asks for personal information, ask them to tell their parents.

5. Install Android Device Manager

Always install the Android Device Manager or similar applications, such as Find My iPhone, on your phone. If you lose your phone, this app can help you locate a distance, the phone rang, and lock and erase all the contents of the phone.

Thus, personal information and contact numbers in it will remain safe from spied another party if the phone is stolen.