How do I remove Blogger’s Credit Templates from my blog?

You can remove the blogger’s template credit link but when deleting that link, your website automatically redirects to the template creators website. Actually, the free template creator uses JavaScript to redirect your website to their website if the JavaScript did not find the credit link. The creator adds this JavaScript function with other JavaScript and encrypts them so that others can easily not find that script.
Unfortunately, most of the answers on the internet are superficial and do not solve the redirection issue, whatsoever. What you need to do is:

Add the style code below before the copyright div  ( Note:  <div class=’footer_copyright’>  this is how your copyright div class is going to look likes. it might contain more words or will look different in your code try to find it with patience. )


<div class=”removelink”>

and remember to add an extra </div> at the end of the code where the copyright </div> are.
Now just paste your copyright information right above this code: 
Below is my sample code for my copyright information.

  Created by <a href=’’>   <font color=’#eb1d35′>  WILIRAX </font>                </a> &#9812; | Copyrights 2019 &#9400;

In the end, what you will have is something like this in your code:

blogger's templates credit removing code by wilirax
Blogger’s Templates Credit remove code by wilirax

If you still have confusion or your code not working you are welcome to contact me I will like to help you.