Google Pixel be the end of the road Google Nexus

Google Pixel be the end of the road Google Nexus

It seems that the arrival of the new smartphone from Google Google pixels called the end date of the relationship between Google. The relationship and connection between 6 p 5 x that came out last year is probably the nexus.

Google already is said to have no plans again to release a new generation of relationship. Mobile phone Nexus x 5 and 6 p has dropped from the Google store.

However, Google promised to continue to support users. For example, the software update will continue to give.

“As a user Nexus, guys are playing a key role in this journey. We will continue to support the relationship either consumer support and software updates, and other more or less, “the Google statement for Twitter.

The first generation the same relationship in 2010 as the “nexus one.” Until now, Google has been released eight recorder models of cell phones, four discs, and also the top box.

In releasing the relationship, Google has teamed up with some robot manufacturer. LG was Huawei from HTC, Samsung, preferred partner in finding Google nexus phone.