Google interested in Yahoo’s core business

Google interested in Yahoo's core business

Late last month, Yahoo announced plans to sell off business units following web some of its assets. The devotees were asked to bid before the deadline on April 11. So far, there have been two giant glanced web business Yahoo, Google and Verizon telecom operators.

An internal source said that Google is considering to bid, while Verizon is ready to bid. The amount of bids of both companies is unknown. However, Verizon is known to assess the value of Yahoo’s core business amounted to 8 billion US dollars by the company’s financial information.

Verizon has shown interest in acquiring Yahoo’s business since December last year. CFO Fran Sammo from the company said it can utilize various services such as Yahoo Mail, News, Sports, and advertising technologies.

Outside the Verizon and Google, other potential buyers, such as telecom operators AT & T and Comcast, as well as Microsoft, reportedly decided not to participate in bids for Yahoo’s business units.

Yahoo web business sales decreased lately. The company’s revenue was projected to fall by more than 20 percent in 2016.

In the past year, Yahoo’s stock price has dropped participate recorded 12 percent following a less successful attempt CEO Marissa Mayer to reverse the fortunes of the company.