Google Chrome Avoid scam guise Button ‘Download’

Google Chrome Avoid scam guise Button 'Download'

One of the most annoying things when they want to download the free application is the emergence of some of the links that say “download” on one page at a time. Users were confused which one should press the link.

Because, only one of the original download link. The other is a gimmick that will bring uninvited to a computer virus.Google Chrome browser update with the addition of special features.

The features will be warned users when trying to get into sites that use deceptive practices link that says “download”.

To enable these features, users can simply press the menu three lines on the right side of the screen Chrome. Then select “Settings”, “Advance”, to the “Privacy”.

There are several columns checked and not checked on the “Privacy”. Users only need to check the box with the phrase “protect you and your devices from dangerous sites”.

Once active, Chrome will always commemorate when the user opens the site with the “download” false. The warning went something plea to avoid these sites. Furthermore, a warning will explain that you want to visit risky sites trick users with tricks “evil”.