Galaxy Fold Survives Less Folding Than It Claims!!

According to Samsung, the hinge of the Galaxy Fold is expected to survive 200,000 folding operations.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy Fold should open and close at least 200,000 times. CNET has checked this with its own test setup – after more than 120,000 folding operations were over. Even that should be sufficient even with frequent use for a few years.

The US technology magazine CNET has carried out its own folding test with Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. The foldable smartphone was opened and closed with the help of a machine. The number of folding operations specified by Samsung could not reach CNET.

Instead of the widespread of Samsung 200,000 held the Galaxy Fold in the CNET test only 120,169 folds. After the smartphone was opened and closed 119,380 times, half of the screen did not work anymore.
The difference to the number announced by Samsung could also be in the experimental setup of CNET: unlike Samsung, the Galaxy Fold opened and closed very quickly – probably not to let the test proliferate in time. At the end of the test, CNET reports that the joint is not working so well.
The display should still hold long
In everyday use also 120,000 rough folding operations are likely to be sufficient for multi-year use. If a user opens and closes the smartphone 100 times a day, that would be 36,500 folding operations a year. The Galaxy Fold can be used for over three years before it breaks.
Since the Galaxy Fold is probably less open on some days, the device is likely to last even longer in terms of the display. Samsung even offers a one-time display exchange for a discounted US $ 150.