Force Touch Deactivated On Apple Watches Via An Update

Image by Anton Ganthaler from Pixabay
The new Apple Watches Series 6 does not have a pressure-sensitive display. Older models, therefore lose their functionality when updated.
With the current version 7 of its WatchOS operating system, Apple is removing the possibility of using the so-called force-touch functions on older Apple’s Series 3, 4, and 5 watches. This is reported by various media and users. This is related to the announcement of the two new devices Watch and Watch SE of the sixth generation, which no longer have the necessary hardware for the function.
With Force Touch, the further development of which is also known as 3D Touch, Apple tried to expand the dimensions and possibilities of using classic touchscreens for input to also respond to pressure. If you press the display with more pressure, an additional menu item appears. Apple first introduced this function with the Apple Watches in 2015 and later also equipped the displays of the iPhones with it.
But like the new iPhone models, the upcoming sixth-generation Apple Watches no longer have the necessary pressure-sensitive hardware. Another technique is used as a substitute, in which a point on the display has to be pressed and held for longer.
The change is confirmed by Apple in its Human Interface Guidelines for development teams. There it says: “With versions of WatchOS before WatchOS 7, users can press firmly on the display, for example, to change the dial or to display a hidden menu known as the Force Touch menu. In WatchOS 7 and higher, system Previously hidden menu items are accessible to apps in a related screen or a settings screen. “
App developers who have previously used the Force Touch function in their apps are asking Apple to adapt their applications to the new behavior.