Facebook Build Headquarters Oculus

Facebook Build Headquarters Oculus

Facebook employs a team of experts in London, England. It is part of the preparation for building a development division of virtual reality (VR) Oculus first to be based in Europe.

Facebook has also reproduce true engineer team and his staff developer in the UK, in the last six months after officially acquired Oculus $ 4 billion in 2014.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apparently was so excited to work on the future of VR. Last year, Facebook also purchased VR British startup called Surreal Vision and move his team to Oculus offices in Redmond, Washington, USA.

Facebook Build Headquarters Oculus

Husband of Priscilla Chan is very confident that the VR will be the next technology that will be widely used to interact with each other.

“VR will be the most social platforms on Facebook so we felt the need to form a new team that will build VR and the latest generation of social applications,” he said some time ago.

Mike LeBeau was appointed to lead the Oculus team in England. LeBeau himself earlier is a former senior engineer at Google who developed a voice search software. He moved to London and joined Oculus in January this year.

“We’re going to make something really cool,” LeBeau attempt to make the curious through status on his personal Facebook account.