Ericsson Weakened Hurricane Issues layoffs

Ericsson Weakened Hurricane Issues layoffs

Growth slowed the market who still called so the argument Ericsson made lay off thousands of employees in the many months to come. This step must be done for reducing the production budget.

The news comes from an anonymous source that the information quoted by the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD). In a registered letter that info if Ericsson would give layoff notices to approximately 3,000 to 4,000 employees to the hot periods will come.

This amount may be increased is still many many thousands more next month. Ericsson is still refusing party called for comment on the report, even though they confirm the idea initially For reduce its annual budget of 9 billion kroner in the year 2017.

“The program is still ongoing and is still being consistent in the majors distinguished, although there is a lot that must be done until the result is finished,” notes Ericsson in a statement.

In Q1 2016 financial report April first, Ericsson did not achieve the target that has been set, and blamed the weakening of the permissibility shopping networks in Europe and Latin America, and the elements so can lead to a reduction in the annual budget.