Encryption in the iPhone like ‘vicious guard dog’

Encryption in the iPhone like 'vicious guard dog'

US intelligence agency FBI Director James Comey, said encryption in iPhone like ‘vicious guard dog’ that impede law enforcement officers in the gathering of evidence. It was delivered in front of a committee in the US Congress.

“It’s not about the road back … had no doors on the phone, we asked Apple distanced ferocious guard dog,” he explained.

He added that Americans need to know the security implications if encryption can create data access is possible for smart phones and other equipment.

Despite all cherish the values ​​of privacy, according to Comey, “There are a lot of law enforcement officers secure the future of our lives and save our children.”

Apple angered the FBI and police for refusing to ‘open’ the phone several suspects of crime and terrorism. The tech giant -which testify in committee, led by Senior Vice President, Bruce Sewell- say that creating a tool to unlock the mobile phone will weaken the security of hundreds of millions of phones.

Conflicts between the FBI and Apple have originated from a request that Apple ‘turn off’ a security device on the phone hands Rizwan Syed Farook, who was rejected by Apple CEO Tim Cook. Month of December 2015, Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, killing 14 people in an attack in San Bernardino, California.