Elon Musk says Starship is SpaceX’s ‘top priority’ from now on

Now that SpaceX has succeeded in sending two astronauts to the ISS via its Crew Dragon spacecraft, the teams can devote themselves body and soul to another major project, that of the Starship rocket, the new top priority for Elon Musk.


Don’t count on SpaceX to draw attention back to Crew Dragon now that the first manned launch has been successfully completed.
The project will now proceed normally, launches will follow one another – Thomas Pesquet should join the ISS before the end of the year aboard this spacecraft – but the teams will be working hard on another titanic project: the Starship rocket.

SpaceX now gives priority to its Starship rocket

It is in an email from Elon Musk obtained by CNBC that we learn that all SpaceX employees must now treat Starship as “SpaceX’s top priority project”.
The CEO urges everyone to speed things up as much as possible. The only other acceptable concern currently in the company will be to “reduce the risks of Dragon’s return”. This has the merit of being clear, Elon Musk wants to shift up a gear on the design of this huge rocket.

Not to mention getting the Dragon Crew spacecraft into regular service

Starship is to become the main rocket of SpaceX. Not only will it have enough power for space tourism and long-distance travel, but it will also be a truly reusable rocket with very short time delays between missions, making space travel much more accessible. This rocket certainly represents the future of the company.
Unfortunately, the various failures around the project have clearly impacted its ambitions in more or less long term. If this email is true, it would obviously not mean that SpaceX will neglect its other projects.
The Crew Dragon capsule has indeed transported two astronauts to the International Space Station but it still needs to enter regular service. One thing is sure, the priority now is the Starship rocket.