Discount Samsung to the user Note 7

Discount Samsung to the user Note 7

The Galaxy user Note 7 in droves of handset Exchange or refund aka refunds. Depending on their own, want to swap with another handset from Samsung or switch to another brand. Samsung certainly want them still wearing the Galaxy series

To the extent that a giant electronics South Korea ‘ original ‘ bribe ‘ previous users 7 note. If you want to switch to other model Samsung phone, it will give big discounts amounted to us $ 100. But if you switch to another brand, just because of the $ 25 discount.

Take the program in the United States and may spread to other countries. The United States is actually one of the largest markets for Samsung.

Produces about 2.5 million units of “Samsung 7 note before sales were suspended. In the United States, and sold the amount already being said amounted to 1.9 million units.

“We appreciate the patience of consumers, operators and retail partners who bear the brunt of this challenge in the future. We are committed to doing everything to fix it, “call Tim Baxter, President of Samsung.

Samsung is trying to lose mimimalicer of death of 7 Note Galaxy. They also keep the Galaxy mingiber production is expected to remain the bestselling S7 sweet premium part Samsung smart gait.