Citroën Ami 2020: The Electric Car Without A Licence For 20 € / Month

Citroën Ami 2020: The Electric Car Without A Licence For 20 € / Month


     The Citroën Ami breaks all the rules, this small electric car can be driven without a license and remains accessible at a low price.

     “Ami is a non-conformist object,” Citroën rightly boasts in its press release about its new electric car

     The Citroën Ami is unlike any other, both in its possibilities and in its economic model, which will make it accessible to the greatest number of people.

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     The Citroen Ami 2020, a small two-seater electric car has an ultra-compact size of just 2.41 meters (even smaller than the 2.69 meters of a Smart car), making it ideal for parking in town and offering a very large turning radius for easy maneuvering. 

     What’s more, it can be driven without a license, making it accessible to anyone from the age of 14, provided they have an AM license, just like a scooter, but more comfortable and safer.



     The Citroën Ami is a car without a driving license and does not exceed 45 km/h, but its 100% electric engine offers immediately available torque, a smooth ride and the silence of an electric car. 

     Its 5.5 kWh battery has a range of 70 kilometers and can be recharged in just 3 hours from a 220 V household socket, “like a smartphone”.

     With Citroën Ami, the PSA Group is clearly targeting schoolchildren, high school students and other urban and suburban people with only short daily commutes who might be attracted to a two-wheeler. 

     Here, the advantage remains the passenger compartment, which is obviously more comfortable and more complete.

In addition, the My Citroën application keeps an eye on the car’s essential data, such as its state of charge, mileage and the date of its next service.


     Who says student also often says little resources. This is why Citroën has decided to offer an economic model that can be adapted to all needs, divided into three formulas: car sharing, rental or purchase.

     The Citroën Ami is offered at 6900 euros, which is a very competitive price, even if it is still much higher than the price of a two-wheeler.

     Finally, note that the Citroën Ami will be available for pre-order from 30 March 2020 and will go on sale in June.