Boost Your Online Business Strategy

          Start online without money


       Owning and maintaining an online business gives entrepreneurs the freedom to make money remotely from anywhere in the world. The idea is appealing and more possible than ever, but many entrepreneurs find it difficult to get started. 

     The most important step in creating a profitable online business is to find a business idea that matches your skills and assets.

     Today, there are many tools you can use to create an online business that greatly simplifies the technical work compared to the past.

     You can also live wherever you want, set your own schedule and work as little or as much as you want, depending on how fast you want your business to grow. No sales or marketing experience is required either. It’s a truly democratic way to be an entrepreneur.

     Whether you are looking to become a full-time entrepreneur or simply start a part-time business with a passive income, your product or service should meet a specific consumer need.

     We have grouped together a series of profitable businesses based on need, with minimal start-up costs, which you can create as soon as possible. 

     Best of all, unlike a physical business, you don’t need a lot of start-up capital. In fact, many Internet businesses operate without money, as there are many free services that make it easy to do so.

          Social Network Consultant

     Larger companies can hire an agency or a full-time staff member to manage their social media accounts, but smaller companies often have to manage their own social media marketing.

     With so many responsibilities, business owners are often too busy and overwhelmed. As a social media consultant, you can help small businesses determine the best tactics, posting schedules, and content for their target audience. As their membership grows, so will your business.

     Facebook and Twitter are still the primary business networks, but companies often tend to struggle with more visual platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Snapchat. All of these platforms have a large consumer audience, but many companies don’t realize how big they really are, how effective they can be, and how to make them work for their brand.

     If you have a background in social media marketing and a passion for photography, focusing your consulting business on a specific platform, such as Instagram, can be a great way to make money while helping other companies improve their content and achieve their goals.

          E-commerce retailer in a niche market

       There’s an audience for everything, even if it’s as specific as dollhouse furniture or organic dog food. With a niche online store, you can reach customers who are looking for your specific products.

     Building a business in a niche market can help you stand out from other brands and build credibility and expertise. Make use of social media or your own needs must offer a product for sale online.

     All you need to get your e-commerce business up and running is a web hosting service with a built-in shopping cart feature or e-commerce software.

     To simplify the shipping process, you can work with suppliers to ship products to customers on your behalf. This can reduce the amount of inventory you need to keep on hand.          


      If you have the expertise, passion, or interest in a subject, you are ready to start making money with a blog. With a service such as Blogger (, you can start your blog completely free of charge. You can also create your own site and secure your own hosting for a small fee, which is usually the way I recommend.

     You may think that blogging is all about writing, you can post photos, videos, and links to other sites, you can even republish your posts on forums to gain visibility…, it’s all a game, as long as it’s related to your niche.

     The important thing is that you want to publish original content that is useful to your target audience and publish it regularly. It’s the best way to get listed in search engines and get your audience to act, but how do you make money with a Blog?

           Google AdSense

     Have you ever visited a website and seen an advertisement on it? Chances are, it’s an ad on the Google ad network.

     These pay-per-click ads appear on your blog. Every time someone clicks on an ad (which is supposed to be about something related to your niche), you earn a few cents or more. Small amounts each time, but it all adds up.

     This is extremely hands-free, you just need to get a code from Google, place it on your website. The ads will automatically appear on your blog. Google will only show ads that are relevant to your blog. So it’s a good experience for your visitors. It optimizes the number of clicks generated, which represents additional revenue.

         Virtual Assistant (VA)

      Do you have impeccable organizational and task management skills? Maybe it’s time to put these skills to good use by becoming a virtual assistant. IL services typically consist of basic administrative tasks such as data entry, travel arrangements, and taking phone calls. Previous experience in this area is ideal but not required.

     Companies such as TaskRabbit and Zirtual make it easy for IL professionals to find jobs. They allow you to create an online profile and sign up for tasks you want to do (such as data search, virtual assistants, or shopping) and start building a customer base.

          Online courses and tutoring

     What are your passions? Yoga? Cooking? Website creation? If you know something inside and out, you can help others enrich their lives by offering virtual classes. Create downloadable instruction packs and videos, or schedule Skype lessons in real-time with clients. Another option for future teachers is to create a virtual or in-home tutoring service.

          Translation Service

      If you are fluent in a second language, you can find a job that converts written and spoken words from one language to another, sites like or, offer you this opportunity. 

     The expansion of international links and the increase in the number of non-English speakers in the United States make this a rapidly growing field. 

     The Bureau of Labor Services forecasts a 42% growth by 2020. You can create your own independent service and differentiate yourself from other companies. 

     The Bureau of Labor Services offers a wide range of services to businesses, schools, hospitals, courtrooms and conference centers.

          Digital information products

     When you operate an Internet business, you don’t have to sell physical products. In fact, digital information products are one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money.

     There are many ways to create information products, but the most popular formats include :

* Audio: a recorded teleconference, lecture or other spoken
* Video: a recorded webinar, a practical guide, an interview
* Text: an ebook, an instruction booklet, a travel guide
* In each of these categories, you can really get creative and
   create any type and format of content, as long as it is attractive and useful.

     Whichever way you do it, it’s passive income: you make money while you sleep, because you put these products for sale on your website, and a customer can buy and download them at any time of the day or night, automatically. 

    All you have to do is check sales periodically to see what topics or types of products sell best so you can make more.          

Open an ETSY store

       Do you like all art, crafts, and vintage? Or maybe you like to do things with your hands?

     If so, Etsy is a very different online business model, as it provides artisans like you with a dedicated platform for the sale of your handmade or vintage items. 

     And don’t think you’ll have to break your budget to make a profit – it’s actually the opposite.

     Although Etsy was originally created as a platform for artisans only, it has been expanded to include antique and vintage prefabricated items. Some sellers are trying to bypass the system to sell mass-produced items, but Etsy closed these shops as soon as they found them, so what sells well on Etsy?

     Custom items such as mugs, pillows and wedding favors are still popular. Handmade bags, vinyl stickers and transfers, handmade jewelry and charms, and other fabric items also sell in volume. 

     If you are not inclined to artistic talent, you can set up an Esty store, which sells only raw materials from the craft trade to others.

     Other big sellers on Etsy include household items and vintage and retro clothing. Everything from hats to chairs and sofas can be sold for 20 times more than in a bargain store.

     Starting an Etsy store is completely free and provides considerable help and training to salespeople. This includes an online marketing training course that even covers the basics of SEO. 

     An Etsy store can be started as a part-time business, and then become your full-time job when you get enough out of it.

     The top sellers on the platform often sell more than 100 items from their stores every day.

     Start-up costs: Free – you can start by selling unique items that you own but no longer want. Or take a look at Craigslist, for items that people donate for free. 

     People regularly donate vintage and retro items that are worth hundreds of dollars.

     Earning potential: The biggest Etsy sellers make tens of thousands of dollars a month.

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     The trick with any online business is to make sure you are in a profitable niche market. 

     So make sure you follow the trends, check out the bestseller lists on sites like Amazon, and think about what people are talking about on social media.

     One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to limit yourself to just one of these e-commerce opportunities.

     Start with one project, then add new revenue streams as much as you can. This will increase your income and ensure that you have something sustainable over time.