BMW i8 Hybrid Sports Car, Plug In Hybrid

     BMW i8 Hybrid Sports Car, Plug-In Hybrid


     The future is taking shape – in the shape of the fascinating and revolutionary new BMW i8 Coupe, it is ready to reinterpret tomorrow’s mobility today. 

     For unconditional driving pleasure all the way to the end of the road. At first glance, its iconic design provokes an adrenalin rush. 

     The 374 hp and 570 Nm tachometer are just as fast, thanks to the innovative Plug-in Hybrid Engine. The new BMW i8 Coupe achieves 0 to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds. It doesn’t take it much longer to enter a new era.

BMW i8 hybrid a Vision Of  The Future

     The BMW i8 roadster asserts its futuristic vocation down to the smallest detail. Its innovative lines are the expression of a, particularly dynamic plastic language. 

     The athletic front end proudly displays the unique character of the BMW double grille with full LED headlamps and incorporates the newly developed “Air Curtains” air curtain technology. 

     Originating on the bonnet, the distinctive V-shaped Black Belt extends across the entire body to underline the vehicle’s tapered silhouette. 

     The impressive Streamflow design optimizes the airflow, resulting in unparalleled aerodynamics. The BMW i8 roadster thus represents the perfect symbiosis of form and function, which knows only one direction: straight ahead.

     “The BMW i8 Coupé is already the world’s best-selling hybrid sports car – and I’m convinced that we’ll be successful with this car. »




     Inside, too, the BMW i8 asserts its uniqueness. Right from the moment you step inside, the exclusive Accaro Amido/E-Copper interior spirit leaves no doubt about that. 
     The interior design follows the dynamic lines of the bodywork to create a futuristic, dynamic ambiance throughout the driving position. 
     The center console is oriented towards the driver and the controls are ergonomically arranged – for a perfect view. 
     The new power-adjustable sports seats provide optimum lateral support and top-class comfort. In the dark, the interior lighting with LED technology creates a premium ambiance. 
     The contours of the doors, dashboard, center console and steering wheel can be highlighted with a play of colors in EfficientDynamics Blue, Orange and White.

BMW i8 coupe reinvents dynamists 

     With the BMW i8: even the wind is blowing. This is due not only to its athletic silhouette but also and above all to its aerodynamic body, its ultra-light structure and the futuristic design of the LED taillights through which the wind is blowing.
     Take the lead while leaving a minimum behind. Thanks to the BMW i8 Coupe’s intelligent energy management, it coordinates the interaction of the electric motor and battery with the combustion engine – always aiming for maximum power and minimum consumption. 
     The result is a powerful and highly efficient Hybrid Plug-in Hybrid system, as the combined cycle consumption figures of just 1.9 l/100 km and CO2 emissions reduced to a maximum of 42 g/km are impressive proof of.



     Take the lead, lightness with the new BMW i8. 
     One of the principles behind its unique lightweight architecture concept: the LifeDrive architecture. It is based on the Drive module – an aluminum chassis – and the Life module – an ultra-lightweight occupant cell made of high-strength carbon. 
     Both components have been optimized in terms of weight down to the last gram to allow the introduction of a sports vehicle that is designed to meet the requirements of sustainable development.



     Refueling or refueling – the new BMW i8 offers both at the same time. Thanks to the comprehensive 360° ELECTRIC product and service package. 
     At home, you can conveniently charge your BMW i8 at your leisure in the BMW i Wallbox or with the charging cable – and, if you wish, with sustainably produced electric power from BMW Green Energy powered by NATURSTROM
     The service includes personal advice as well as professional installation and commissioning of the BMW i Wallbox by a qualified electrician. 
     Along the way, you will find an increasing number of public charging points in which you can easily access the ChargeNow card. 

     You can find the location of the nearest charging point via the ChargeNow App, or optionally directly in your BMW i8 Coupe: for example via the fully connected BMW ConnectedDrive navigation services.

BMW i8 Connected App for iOS and android

     BMW ConnectedDrive offers innovative solutions for the advanced interconnection of the new BMW i8 – for a sustainable and intelligent form of mobility without limits. 
    BMW ConnectedDrive navigation services, for example, will get you to your destination by always choosing the most efficient route. 
     The Remote Services in the BMW Connected App for iOS and Android give you permanent access to a wealth of relevant information about your BMW i8 Coupé at the touch of a button. 
     And thanks to BMW Teleservices, your BMW i Partner is always informed about the maintenance requirements of your BMW i8.



     No matter what happens: the BMW i8 Roadster is ready to deal with them thanks to a comprehensive range of assistance systems. 
     On wet surfaces, for example, the “dry brakes” function cleans the brake discs at regular intervals to minimize moisture. This is done without any noticeable braking of the vehicle. 
     In the event of bad weather, starting is made easier by Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), which limits wheel slip and ensures maximum traction. 
     While driving, this function is supported by BMW xDrive intelligent 4-wheel drive technology, which ensures a superior grip in any situation. 

     The system is activated in hybrid mode and distributes the driving forces generated by the two sources to all four wheels in a variable ratio depending on the situation.


Fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions of the BMW i8 coupe 

BMW i8 Coupe :

Fuel consumption in l/100 km (combined cycle): 1.9
Power consumption in kWh/100 km (combined cycle): 14.0
CO2 emissions in g/km (combined cycle): 42

     The data on fuel and electricity consumption and CO2 emissions have been determined in accordance with the measurement method prescribed by regulation VO (EU) 2007/715 in its current version.

     The specified values apply to a vehicle with basic equipment in Germany, the deviations take into account differences in the dimensions of the selected rims and tyres and the selected optional equipment, they may vary during the configuration.

     The data of the vehicles identified by are already determined using the new WLTP test cycle, weighted to be comparable to the NEDC cycle. [For these vehicles, the calculation of taxes and other charges related to the vehicle and also based on CO2 emissions may take as reference values other than those mentioned here].

     The CO2 efficiency data are derived from Directive 1999/94/EC and the Passenger Car Regulation in their current version and are based on the fuel consumption and CO2 emission values of the NEDC cycle for the classification.