Applications News Pro Serve accordance Profession News Readers

Applications News Pro Serve accordance Profession News ReadersAfter the application keyboard, Microsoft has now launched a special news app for iOS users. Titled “News Pro”, is seemingly similar application Flipboard and Apple News. The trio is a news app that uses a specific algorithm to determine what the appropriate article user interest.

However, there are different from the News Pro. The application of recommended articles based on user job. The first time you open the application via smartphone or tablet, users will be asked to link applications with professional networking LinkedIn and Facebook. The move is to identify the job information.

Afterwards, News Pro will recommend users to follow the mass media that is considered exposing the news according to the interests and needs of the user.

One of the main features of this application is “Speedy”. The benefit is approximately equal to “Reader View” in the Safari browser. Once clicking on news, the user can select the “Speedy” to enjoy the article version without ads and other elements that slow loading of the news. In essence, the format is the format of news penjajalan quickly.

Unknown, News Pro is one of the fruits of Microsoft Garage project is none other than an experimental program Microsoft workers. It is unclear whether News Pro will be a major application later.

What is clear, Microsoft said it remained committed to give the best. “We will continue to improve the performance of our application,” said a Microsoft representative.

To download the iOS applications, can open this link.