Apple Ceo Happy Playing “Super Mario Run”

Apple Ceo Happy Playing "Super Mario Run"

The project included Apple and Nintendo Super Mario game Middle works. Before being released in December 2016, the ceo of Apple Tim Cook ever curious, jump out of the excitement of playing the game.

Continued her East Asian ever Cook arrived in Japan. In the middle of his visit to the land of the rising sun, the number one Apple display off photo when Kyoto attractions, voshini Inari Taisha in social media Twitter when congratulatory caption in the morning in Japanese. Shortly thereafter, Cook returned to Twitter at Twitter. Cook this time presented images while in the offices of Nintendo. Place, Cook met creator Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario Bros, Super Mario games run off.

“Playing” Super Mario run, thanks to Miyamoto-San and his team at Nintendo, chirping “Cook.

In addition to playing Super Mario games run, Japan will also slide Cook arrives to try to “push Apple” payment system called soon. Is a means of “Twitter” Cook after his visit from Nintendo.

“Yamanote train climbing timeout using pay Apple. Can’t wait for consumers in Japan to mingagalnia later this month, “Cook wrote.