The 5 lightest Web Browsers - October 2019

Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox all support your browsing needs in a great way. But they are also very demanding and consume many system resources. These popular browsers can add to your memory and even drain your laptop battery.

Using less known compact browsers is the obvious solution to this problem. These browsers perform the same work as their better-known counterparts, and there’s no compromise on performance.

Here is the list of the top 5 Light web browsers you want to try.


The 5 lightest Web Browsers - October 2019

Comodo IceDragon was developed by a well-known cybersecurity company and is the powerhouse of a browser. The browser itself has similar features as Mozilla Firefox and robust security to keep all data intact. You get the usual range of add-ons, extensions, menus and more.

This Light Browser also gives you the ability to remove crash and performance reports and search web pages for potential threats. IceDragon runs on Windows and requires 128 MB of RAM and 40 MB of hard disk space.

Download:  https://www.comodo.com/home/browsers-toolbars/browser.php


Torch is an excellent solution if you use the internet to enjoy multimedia. Based on the Google Chrome rendering engine, this browser has many custom features that make it easy to play and manage multimedia content.

For example, Torch Music is a YouTube-based service that lets you access all your music and videos in one place. There is also a preinstalled YouTube video download button and a torrent downloader.

Download: https://torchbrowser.com/


The 5 lightest Web Browsers - October 2019

Midori is an excellent option if you are not a demanding user. It’s an open-source browser that offers a decent selection of features. Besides, it is one of the browsers that consume the least resources.

The minimalist user interface is another highlight of this browser. Midori has a search bar and a few common buttons for searching.

Download: https://www.midori-browser.org/


The 5 lightest Web Browsers - October 2019

Vivaldi is one of the youngest browsers in this list. It gained popularity because of its reliability and great performance. This browser uses the Google Chrome engine but puts much lower memory requirements on your computer.

With this browser, you get many customization options. You can select different topics and set them to change automatically. In Vivaldi, you can also take notes and reorder the tabs. If you liked the old Opera, you’ll probably like Vivaldi because it looks and works like the first iteration of this popular browser.

Download: https://vivaldi.com/


The 5 lightest Web Browsers - October 2019

Not only is this browser lightweight, but it also provides some of the features that should satisfy even the most demanding users. The Maxthon Cloud Browser has a screen capture tool, night and read modes, an ad blocker, a notepad, an RSS feed, and more.

Added to this is Magic Fill, an integrated password manager. Unlike most other light web browsers, Maxthon syncs user data through a dedicated cloud service. Create an account with Passport, Maxthon’s cloud service, and you can sync your data across devices.

Download: https://www.maxthon.com/


It is almost impossible to identify one of the browsers from this list as the best. Each of them is characterized by their own respect and the final choice depends on your personal preferences and your search requirements.

For example, IceDragon is probably the safest, while Maxthon offers the most features. The torch is among the lightest, but Midori and Vivaldi are not far behind. All offer a pleasant browsing experience without burdening your system.
If you have tried any of them please share your experience in the comment section.